UNBROKEN Emergency Summit: An Eye Opener for Lviv’s Recovery

9th November 2023

In a powerful demonstration of solidarity and collaboration, the UNBROKEN EMERGENCY SUMMIT took place in Lviv on October 10, as representatives from international associations and organizations gathered to discuss ways to support the city’s recovery following the Russian war.

Hosted by the Lviv Cooperation Bureau (LCB), the summit showcased Lviv’s resilience and presented key projects in medicine, energy, environment, civil society, and education.

The summit emphasized knowledge sharing between Ukrainian specialists and foreign counterparts to accelerate Lviv’s reconstruction. The LCB also underscored the significance of medical projects, particularly those related to the rehabilitation ecosystem being established in the city.

Delegates visited the National Rehabilitation Center “UNBROKEN” to understand the city’s infrastructure, equipment, and funding needs.

Moderated by James Latham of The Iceberg, the event facilitated dialogue between international association representatives and the local community, seeking to establish new collaborations and partnerships. The summit called on international organizations to fulfill their missions by making a lasting and positive impact on Lviv’s recovery.

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