Washington, DC Sets a Sustainable Example with First-Ever Summit

18th March 2024

Washington, DC has launched its first Sustainability Summit, orchestrated by Destination DC (DDC) alongside federal and local partners like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE).

The event, held at the eco-conscious Capital Turnaround venue, showcased a united front in pushing for eco-friendly practices within the tourism and events sector, emphasizing collaborative learning and economic opportunities for the local community.

“We recognize our need to do more when it comes to sustainability, so the summit is a step in the right direction as we focus on what we can do collectively as destination stewards,” said Elliott L. Ferguson, II president and CEO. “Destination DC’s Sustainability District is an opportunity for collaborative learning, fostering economic and social opportunities for small businesses and the local community, reinforcing our collective responsibility to build a sustainable and vibrant future for our nation’s capital.”

The highlight of the summit was the District Sustainability Awards, recognizing local businesses and individuals for their environmental contributions. Among the awardees were The Catholic University of America for its solar initiatives, Rocklands BBQ for its commitment to local sourcing and sustainability, and SiStained8 for innovative community compost education.

With 27 members already part of DDC’s Sustainability District initiative and plans to enhance its Global Destination Sustainability-Index performance, Washington, DC is proving its commitment to becoming a leading sustainable destination.

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