What Dubai Association Conference Was All About

7th April 2022

The Dubai Association Conference 2022 took place on 21 February at the Dubai Exhibition Center (DAC), in conjunction with the Dubai Expo 2020. The event included panel discussions, interactive sessions, learning labs, and expert briefings for the participating associations on how to navigate through the post-pandemic era. A total of 172 registered attendees from 14 countries, including 25 hosted association leaders from outside the Gulf region, had the opportunity to present their challenges and find answers.

The Expo offered the perfect backdrop for the conference, as associations could benefit from the 192 pavilions exhibiting and the new solutions proposed for the future by different countries. Reinvention and resilience were certainly the main topics of discussion, as per the theme of the conference “Associations and the new world: Resilience and reinvention.”

Find below a glimpse of the event.

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