Women Advance in European Boards, Yet Chair Positions Elude Them

8th March 2024

In the framework of International Women’s Day, ecoDa/Ethics & Boards released their report on Gender Diversity in Governing Bodies in Europe.

Nearly 90% of Europe’s largest companies now comply with the European Gender Balance Directive, ensuring at least a 33% female presence on Boards of Directors.

However, the leap to chairmanship roles is still a rarity for women, who hold only about 10% of these top positions, despite making significant strides in board representation, where women account for 40.2% of board members across Stoxx Europe 600 companies.

The disparity is more pronounced at the helm, where the percentage of female chairs has slightly declined from the previous year.

Women, however, are increasingly leading audit committees, indicating their growing presence in critical yet technically demanding roles.

This trend reflects a slow but ongoing shift towards gender parity in corporate governance, highlighting the need for continued efforts to break the glass ceiling completely, especially in the most senior leadership positions.

You can read the full report here.

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