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5th April 2023

ICC Sydney is distinguished by its diverse team of passionate professionals, enabling better collaboration, innovation and service excellence. Its commitment to diverse and accessible event experiences that make a difference, stretches from creating culturally inclusive events through connections with Australia’s First Nations people, to providing accessible facilities and services, to reducing the environmental footprint of events while leaving a positive social impact.

More innovative solutions

ICC Sydney offers leading technology to support face to face events and end to end digital event solutions. Working alongside ICC Sydney’s dedicated professionals, event organisers can achieve bespoke solutions in response to the ever changing nature of events.

ICC Sydney’s recently expanded audio visual services includes the investment in best in class equipment, which complements ‘Connect Hub’ – ICC Sydney’s award-winning one stop destination for on site and online speaker preparation and digital event solutions.

More sustainable dining

ICC Sydney’s diverse culinary team hails from some of the world’s finest 5-star hotels and award winning restaurants. Their expertise comes together to create unique menus and unforgettable dining experiences for guests.

The venue’s culinary and corporate social responsibility experts joined forces to identify 186 carbon friendly menu options within the ICC Sydney 2023 Menu Collection, which has sustainability at its core. The new menu collection allows event organisers to easily make lower impact food choices across six core menus. Complemented by ICC Sydney’s signature 100% local wine list, the menu takes guests on a gastronomic tour of Australia with more than 130 local producers across the venue’s varied supply chain.

More corporate social responsibility

ICC Sydney’s leading Legacy Program identifies and delivers on corporate social responsibility objectives through events. Spanning five different streams; Environmental Sustainability, First Nations, Generation Next, Innovators and Entrepreneurs and Creative Industries, ICC Sydney powers the success of any event by connecting attendees with Sydney’s abundant intellectual, social and cultural capital.

More inclusivity and diversity

ICC Sydney is a venue that champions inclusion and prioritises accessibility. As the first convention centre to implement a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), ICC Sydney is dedicated to celebrating Australia’s First Nations communities and culture to enrich the experiences of attendees while providing meaningful business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ICC Sydney is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for attendees and its diverse team of passionate professionals support all visitors to access extraordinary experiences at every event.

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