Associations Take Center Stage as Antwerp Introduces Innovative Concept at IBTM Barcelona

5th December 2023

Antwerp took the spotlight at IBTM Barcelona as the Convention Bureau revealed its proactive international offering.

“When you come to Antwerp, the city is your venue. In Antwerp, you don’t just rent a venue or book a hotel, you embrace an entire city. Every street, park and restaurant becomes part of it. Thanks to the city’s intimate size, but also thanks to our welcoming and flexible mindset, congresses can resonate beyond the conference room,” said Tadeja Pivc Coudyser, CEO of Antwerp Convention Bureau.

Positioning itself as an intimate and versatile destination, Antwerp aims to stand out by offering custom-fitted event solutions.

Using “The City is Your Venue” as a core message, the Bureau targets international organizations, especially in the association sector.

Antwerp’s Vice Mayor, Koen Kennis, expressed excitement, stating, “The City Is Your Venue perfectly suits our accessible, approachable, and personal city.”

Over the past year, the Convention Bureau’s efforts have generated significant new business, with 20+ large events (500+ attendees) scheduled in the next three years, bringing over 21,000 visitors to Antwerp.

The city’s proactive approach and commitment to personalized service are set to enhance its global events market presence.

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