Call to the New MCI Study: Find Out How to Boost Engagement

31st October 2023

 MCI, a renowned global engagement and marketing agency, has opened its call for associations worldwide to participate in the 2024 edition of The Association Engagement Index (AEI), a prestigious benchmark study aimed at improving engagement strategies.

Building on the 2022 edition’s success, the AEI offers associations a unique chance to assess and enhance their member and customer engagement strategies.

This benchmark study enables associations to evaluate their engagement tactics and gain critical insights into evolving engagement dynamics, member and customer expectations, and the impact of customization.

The 2022 AEI featured 51 associations from various fields, generating over 12,700 responses from members and customers in 118 countries. MCI’s key conclusion was that associations need to focus on choice, multiple channels, and customization to boost engagement.

Participating associations will receive an Engagement Index Fact Sheet, including their engagement score, association ranking, and key performance indicators. This data empowers organizations to identify areas for improvement.

Participation is free but limited, with registration closing on November 30, 2023, on the official Association Engagement Index website.

“The 2022 Index showed a moderate level of engagement overall with a score of 88, out of 150. With the 2024 edition of the Index we want to see if associations have been able to move the needle and increase their engagement with members to maybe up to 100,” said Nikki Walker, MCI’s Global Vice President of Engagement, Associations & Communities. “The Association Engagement Index is a truly unique benchmark that provides associations with the perfect tool to evaluate the current situation, understand if they have increased engagement and define tomorrow’s strategies.”

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