Incredible Impacts Third Year Winners

12th September 2019
The Incredible Impacts Programme, run collaboratively by ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance, has selected three winning associations as leading examples of excellence within the global meetings industry. 
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Managing Your Legacy Projects

11th September 2019
In this fourth installment of our #MEET4IMPACT series, Geneviève Leclerc explores the second – out of four – key step needed to achieve a successful impact practice. After defining your initial intention, how do you manage your social impact project?
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How to Decolonize a Conference

21st August 2019
New Zealand gave The Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA) Conference 2019, ‘Decolonizing animals’, an original spin when it hosted the event in Christchurch, July 1-4, 2019.
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A Story of Food Donation Legacies

5th August 2019
Edmonton Convention Centre has produced a case study of its food donation program, showing how the scheme aligns with provincial and district legislation, and involves all stakeholders in the donation chain.
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Steps for Business Events Success

5th July 2019
JMIC spent three years analysing the legacy benefits of business events, looking at nine case studies from four continents. Their finding: a disconnect between the way governments around the globe value the business events sector and the true value of conferences, congresses and international trade shows.
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Tunnels with an Impact

17th June 2019
It’s rare to return to the same country for a world congress, but in Italy, three times can be a charm—especially when you’re combining the archeologically rich city of Naples with a community of worldwide experts on design and construction of underground work.
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Leaving Medical Legacies in Hamburg

31st May 2019
Hamburg is securing one medical congress after another, including the 2021 annual congress of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), which is due to attract around 3,000 specialists to the city.
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Securing South African Legacies with Congresses

16th May 2019
Securing the 2013 World Congress in Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery opened the floodgates to subsequent inbound medical events, including pan-African meetings, and left tangible legacies in improved patient care.
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