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Planning for a Clean Future

8th July 2021
By investing in its natural resources, Canada, one of the largest countries in the Western Hemisphere, is emerging as a global leader in the drive toward clean and sustainable energy through industry-leading expertise and thriving events.
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A Billion Reasons

1st July 2021
With a large-scale revival underway, Canada’s clean-tech hub is injecting new life—and attracting new business—to its bustling city centre.
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ICC Sydney: Open & Ready for Associations to Return

22nd June 2021
In these times of change, agility and resilience have proven paramount in remaining open throughout this unprecedented pandemic. In an uncertain landscape, ICC Sydney has successfully and continuously adapted its services to support events going ahead.
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Boardroom MiniCourse: Think & Act Like a Startup

15th June 2021
In this Destination DC sponsored MiniCourse, Robert J. Bies, Ph.D, Professor of Management, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, explains how you will need to think and act like a startup if you want to to be creative and innovative in the 21st century,
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Creating Safe Spaces to Support Agility

14th June 2021
For Boardroom,Tracy Bury, President, AC Forum, and Deputy CEO, World Physiotherapy argues that agility is critical to avoiding injury when it comes to changing direction – just look at sports. So, in what ways does this apply to associations?
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How To Achieve Growth And Sustainability

10th June 2021
As the world marches towards a more hopeful era, the meetings industry is being reshaped and repurposed under the umbrella of global sustainability. Opportunities for change and improvement rise everywhere and innovative countries like Norway see the benefit of working hard, alongside with associations, to create a more stable and sustainable future.
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Toulouse on a SMART Path

3rd June 2021
In the area of smart industries, Toulouse has many assets up its sleeves, attracting the attention of European and international associations, as ERTICO ITS Europe, the European congress on smart andsustainable mobility to be held in Toulouse next year, is testament to.
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