Going Further with GDPR

6th November 2017
In order to move forward towards a greater compliance with the GDPR, associations should pay a good deal of attention to the following aspects, Benjamin Docquir writes.
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GDPR: How Associations Should Understand it

21st October 2017
Because associations maintain extensive databases of personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation, or “GDPR, directly impacts how associations will collect, maintain and manage the data that is vital to their operations.
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Australia Rockets to Success
with IAC 2017

17th October 2017
Australia rocketed firmly into the space industry with the hosting of the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide in September 2017 - the largest conference to be held in Adelaide to date.
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Sarawak Help Associations Make an Impact

29th September 2017
Amelia Roziman, COO of the Sarawak Convention Bureau, explains all about the organization’s efforts to attract associations to Kuching and how it partakes of an overall strategy to make the region grow, while leaving a long-lasting impact.
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Education is Our Legacy for the Future

25th September 2017
In a rapidly changing world, education is probably the most important single thing any organization does, and that importance just keeps growing, Rod Cameron, Executive Director AIPC and JMIC writes.
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Becoming Mindfeeders

11th September 2017
As an association executive or meeting planner when was the last time you asked yourself: ‘how do your members feed their mind’?
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